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Green Breakfast Muffins

(adopted from recipe found here.) These muffins are really, really good. In fact, I’m thinking about eating one right now. I changed the recipe a bit to get rid of the sugar. The best way to distract yourself from missing … Continue reading

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Lemon Pepper Fish and Rice

Another quickie dinner – as long as you don’t mind waiting for brown rice to cook. You can always replace it with quinoa, or serve the fish on a nice spinach salad. Lemon Pepper Fish and Rice Ingredients: 1 cup … Continue reading

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Babaganoush Part 2

Here is my second attempt at this damn dip. I think I did good. The additional lime juice really helps. Babaganoush Part 2 Ingredients: 2 eggplants, peeled, diced 3 garlic gloves, roughly chopped 1 lime, juiced 1/2 tsp cumin 2 … Continue reading

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Chickpea Pancakes Part 2

Remember that one time when I was like, “I made chickpea pancakes,” but there were no pictures of them, so no one could know if I was telling the truth? Well, I made them again, just to prove a point. … Continue reading

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Peppers Stuffed w/ Ground Turkey

This is good if you are looking for a protein-filled dinner or lunch. You can make this vegetarian by replacing the ground turkey with veggie ground or use just the quinoa. Peppers Stuffed w/ Ground Turkey Ingredients: 2 large peppers, … Continue reading

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Cornmeal Chicken and Parsnip Fries

(chicken recipe adopted from a Company’s Coming cookbook – old school!) This was like an adult version of a little kid’s meal. At one point I felt guilty about eating so many fries, until I realised that they were actually … Continue reading

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Edamame Bean Dip

I keep trying to find dips to replace hummus for my afternoon veggie snack. This was good, but I felt it was missing something. Maybe salt. Give it a try and see what you think. Edamame Bean Dip Ingredients: 2 … Continue reading

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