A Bit About Cheat Day

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First Blog Post. Thought I’d start off with a bit about Cheat Day.

Cheat Day comes from following Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Body principles. is one set day per week where all bets are off and you can eat as you please. I personally still try stay away from breads and other gluten-containing foods, because even having them just one day a week is disastrous for my skin and stomach. But cheese, gluten-free grains, and deserts are back on the menu for a day. And beer, which for some reason I allow myself despite its gluten content.

Cheat Day has a few benefits, and is actually a really key part of the healthy eating plan.

First, staying away from high-carb foods is easier when you know you have a set day to reward yourself with at the end of the week. It also makes you appreciate the foods you “cheat” with that much more, they become a treat that you look forward to and really enjoy.

But Cheat Day isn’t just about satisfying your food cravings. It also kicks your metabolism into high gear, as it works to process the high sugar content for the day. A common downfall of many diets is that they cause your metabolism to slow down, so when you ultimately go off the diet, weight can be gained more easily. Cheat Day avoids this problem by making sure your metabolism doesn’t get lazy!

Finally, Cheat Day actually is not all fun and games. After eating healthy all week, Cheat Day actually can be a little harsh to recover from. You feel remarkably better when you’re NOT eating cheat foods, so you almost look forward to getting back on the slow-carb plan for the next week.

Here are a few tips for a successful Cheat Day:

  1. Set the same day every week for Cheat Day. The routine keeps you on track, and gives you a reward at the end of every 6 days. We do cheat day on Saturday… giving ourselves a whole day to enjoy food to our heart’s content, and leaving us with Sunday to recover.
  2. Start the day off with a non-cheat breakfast. We’re sticking with the “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” philosophy here.
  3. Drink lots of water.¬†Because you’ve been avoiding simple carbs all week, your body won’t handle them well. If you don’t want to feel ill from cheat day, make sure you’re staying hydrated.


About Jessica Austin, Birth Doula

Vancouver Birth Doula promoting a gentle and informed birth culture. Offering labour support and prenatal education to women, including women who have had previously traumatic birth experiences.
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